We Learn By Doing

Whether it be putting together a photography portfolio, creating the school's Yearbook, preparing a meal for an event, or learning how to build Robots. Mendocino High School has a rich culture in Project Based Learning through its CTE programs.

What is Career Technical Education?

A program of study that involves a sequence of courses that integrates core academic knowledge with technical and occupational knowledge to provide students with a pathway to postsecondary education and careers.

Why do we have it?

To enrich our students’ education with a hands-on, engaging learning experience that utilizes personal, workplace, and technical skills grounded in academics.

Just like UC/CSU approved courses prepare students for the next level of education, CTE courses prepare students for entering vocational education and a career.

Course Offerings

Through 15 course offerings our CTE students learn how to run a garden and sell organic food, produce a catered event, manage and produce radio shows and stream live events, create and display art, build furniture, and learn leadership and engineering through competing in statewide robotics competitions!