Plant and Soil Sciences

Teacher: Laura Leavitt

Agriculture class: The philosophy behind our agriculture/botany class to grow our understanding of sustainable agriculture through the practice of biointensive methods, and sharing our produce with the greater community.

Students are assigned multiple garden beds to manage within groups. The groups are responsible for keeping an organized planning log where they determine their daily work activities and manage their growing areas to ensure the following:

  • Production of compost
  • Production of produce that the class will sell
  • Proper pest/weed management
  • Crop rotations
  • Interplanting and close-planting
  • Proper soil care and maintenance

As student groups harvest the produce that they have grown, those plants are used for our program’s CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) business.  5 gallon buckets are sold to local community members who have subscribed for  just $10 a week. These buckets carry the fruit of our labor and will peak the interest of any home cook.

Additionally, as the rainy season approaches, students will be engaging in curriculum focused on developing skills integral for success in the workplace. Examples of topics range from building positive character traits to running the finances of a business. It is the hope of the program that when a student completes their two year pathway coursework, that their resume and skillset will make them attractive candidates to hire.

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If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Plant and Soil Sciences pathway, contact Mr. Grinberg via e-mail: