Furniture and Cabinet Making

Level 3 & 4 Students will continue to learn about and practice the following:
• Shop safety and safety practices; first aid.
• WWNB planning break down, Project Assessment, Critique & Presentation
• Jig construction and set-up.
• Furniture joinery construction techniques and their uses.
• Continued lessons on techniques in the areas of:
• Hand tools
• Hand-power tools
• Machine tools
• Wood characteristics: figure & grain structure identification and uses
• Reading, deciphering, and augmenting woodworking plans.
• Estimating and calculating overall cost of project construction.
• Uses and proper choice selection of hardware and fastening techniques.
• Create a formal presentation of finished work; portfolio presentation at end of second semester in June; Final exam.

All advanced/advancing woodworkers will:
• Create a visual portfolio (power point or webpage) that documents your work for the year. This portfolio will culminate with an end of year presentation to MHS woodworkers and staff.