Production and Managerial Arts

The Production and Managerial Arts pathway is helmed by Mendocino native and Mendocino Community High School Alumnus Marshall Brown. Students enrolled in any class a part of the MHS Production Arts Program get their taste of leadership, technical training, and personal skills that can be utilized in and out of the sector pathway. Students also get to utilize these skills managing our flagship radio station KAKX 89.3FM. One of the last remaining fully operational high-school student run radio stations.

Below is the sequence of courses offered under the Production and Managerial Arts Pathway. Each class leads you to a new page that links you to a course description, information about the class, and ways to access information if you’re an enrolled student:

Multimedia (Year 1)
Music Production (Year 2)
Radio Production (Year 2)
Video Production (Year 2)

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If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Production and Managerial Arts pathway. Contact Mr. Brown via e-mail: