Engineering and Technology

Teacher: Francis Rutherford

After working in a violin shop the Bay Area and playing in professional orchestras, I moved to Mendocino in the mid-80’s and worked in tech support specializing in plumbing/electrical/water systems. I’ve been teaching the Electronics program at MHS for the past 20 years, and teaching the E-Lab engineering for the past 3 years. Both programs emphasize real world skills, learning by doing.

Below is the sequence of courses offered under the Engineering and Technology pathway. Each class leads you to a new page that links you to a course description, information about the class, and ways to access information if you’re an enrolled student:

E-Lab (Year 1)
Electronics (Year 2)
Robotics (Club)
After School Electronics

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If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Engineering and Technology pathway. Contact Mr. Rutherford via e-mail: